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From the combined perspective of "Decarbonization x Digital Technologies" We are committed to support you to develop and execute your strategy.

The market rules surrounding decarbonization are constantly changing and becoming more complex. Mirai Bright is committed to identifying the challenges faced by individual companies from both macro and micro perspectives, developing feasible and effective strategies for our clients, and setting appropriate targets for CO2 emission reductions and their steady implementation. In developing strategies from a macro perspective, it is essential to gather information on regulatory trends in various countries around the world. We support our clients' strategic planning by providing detailed analysis and information on how and when regulatory frameworks in other regions, including Japan, will be affected by changes in the regulatory environment in the United States and Europe, which are leading the topics. We also keep a close watch on global market trends from the perspective of new business development. Based on this macroscopic analysis, we analyze each client's business on a micro level, scrutinize individual company issues, and propose strategies to resolve them. Through consulting on CO2 emission reduction plans for setting and achieving targets, we strongly support corporate initiatives that contribute to sustainable management. Mirai Bright's support areas are not limited to ESG/SDGs, and we are also involved in business support for new business launches and overseas expansion in a wide range of fields such as Fintech and mobile businesses. In particular, Mirai Bright has a track record of supporting multiple companies, including major listed companies and overseas IT companies, in their new business development in Southeast Asia and Africa, from strategic planning to sales development, and has contributed to the realization of such projects.

Identify the management challenges that clients face in decarbonizing their businesses activies and propose highly effective strategies.

Support our clients' initiatives from the introduction of sustainable operations to operational management, working with them along the way.

Support for actions to reduce the set targets


CO2 Emissions
Calculation Service
(Carbon Accouting)

Transforming future uncertainty into sustainability through "Visualization" of CO2 emissions

We provide CO2 emissions calculation services that compile vast amounts of carbon accounting data, which sometimes transcends national borders, into comparable data by time series, by location, and so on. We calculate and organize emissions data using appropriate methods that comply with the GHG Protocol, an international standard, and appropriately account for CO2 reductions, thereby contributing to increased corporate value. In addition, now that a consensus has been formed that the entire supply chain should promote decarbonization, delays in environmental and decarbonization measures could affect the continuation of existing business relationships and impact corporate value. To support companies address these issues, we assist in the preparation of disclosure reports for CDP, SBTi, and other influential environmental rating agencies to attract appropriate market recognition for the results of their efforts.

Calculation of Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2 emissions (GHG Protocol compliant)

CO2 emissions reductions are also appropriately reflected.

Preparation of documents for CDP and other environmental rating agencies and integrated reports


Support for carbon credit creation and reduction

Connecting a "sustainable world" and "corporate value growth" through strategic and fair transactions by utilizing carbon credits

We offer carbon credit strategies as needed to support our clients both improve profitability and mitigate climate change risks. We can assist our clients with trading on the J-Credit and Japan Stock Exchange (JPX) in Japan, as well as on Verra, one of the world's largest carbon credit platforms, by leveraging our global network. Transparency in carbon credit transactions is becoming even more important from an ESG management perspective. By leveraging our expertise and knowledge, we can support you in creating an environment in which you can focus on further development and growth while carefully linking climate change measures to your decarbonization management decisions one at a time.

Propose carbon credit strategies as needed to improve profitability and mitigate climate change risks.

Support sustainable management by handling credits certified through highly transparent processes.

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