Looking ahead to the future of the planet through the current decarbonization situation.

Provide the "tools" of decarbonization and the "map" that will lead us to a sustainable future, and support the journey of climate change through the power of technology. And to connect this wonderful planet to future generations. This is our mission at Mirai Bright.


Breakthrough in sustainable management is possible by conducting of increased corporate value and reduced CO2 emissions

The challenge in achieving sustainable corporate management lies in how to establish a balance between business and environmental measures. If your decarbonization efforts are not linked to profitability and corporate value, it will be difficult to get the understanding of the markets and organizations.

Mirai Bright can help you achieve sustainable management by leveraging our services and technologies to simultaneously increase your corporate value and environmental performance.

To properly understand a wide range of carbon related data, from your company's own emissions (Scope 1 and 2) to the emissions of the entire supply chain (Scope 3), and to quantitatively identify current issues. And to formulate a down-to-earth planning "blueprint" that organically links business efficiency and zero mission planning. We believe that whether or not we can steadily implement these sustainable management practices without delay is an important guideline for whether or not we will be able to connect this one and only planet to future generations.

The key is "sustainable management updates" that attract appropriate corporate values

At the futuristic frontier of decarbonization, there is no prototype that anyone can easily follow. Nevertheless, if you set sail in the dark, you risk shipwreck and stranding. With an accurate map at hand and an accurate assessment of which way the winds are blowing in the GX industry, we can steadily improve the feasibility of strategies to reach the final destination and appropriately enhance market valuation in line with actual conditions.

In a world dealing with climate change, regulations and standards also fluctuate from time to time. These debates have been greatly developed and deepened around the world, and are driving a dramatic wave of change in market structures around the globe.

In a situation where assumptions and value standards continue to transform, we will build a management strategy that will continue to be subject to reliably external evaluations - To do so, we first need specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in the GX area who can be entrusted with in-depth information gathering on domestic and international regulatory trends and market conditions and meticulous updating of navigational charts based on this information.


Company Mirai Bright, Inc.
Establish October 2021
Representative Yasuo Imoto
Head Quarter Katsuyama Bldg. 2F, 2-1-18 Minatomachi, Funabashi-shi, Chiba, Japan
Sendai Branch 2-9-1 Oroshimachi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, Japan
  • ・Planning, development and operation of Green Fintech business
  • ・Support business related to CO2 emission calculation
  • ・Consulting business related to the environment
  • ・Consulting business related to Fintech and payment services

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